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December 3, 2006, 2:44 pm
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With Megaupload under my belt, this is my first official post. Paying respects to the group who inspired the name of this here blogspot, I present the Lords of the Underground’s first 2 albums. As stated in my introduction, ‘Here Come The Lords’ has had a resounding impact on my hip hop taste and is still an album I come back to on the regular. Its strength lies in both the skills of the MCs, covering standard bragging verses as well as more thought provoking content (see ‘Grave Digga’) in a style which sees Mr Funky and DoItAll trading verses with effortless ease. However, critical to me is the quality of the beats. The massively slept-on K-Def provided numerous cuts on this album including the lead singles ‘Chief Rocka’ and ‘Funky Child’ which are certified classic material. Even my Mum feels the strength of the horn loops and stabs on this masterpiece from ’93…

‘Keepers of the Funk’ followed in the same vein although lacked the impact of their first release. Again, K-Def’s work on the boards produced the strongest beats on the album namely ‘No Pain’ and ‘What I’m After’ and there is very little skipping material here, thereby demonstrating an avoidance of the infamous hip hop slide that struck down many of the artists of the period. However, it is simply an album that I have never connected with in the way that I did with ‘Here Come…’. There is a little more polish to some of the production and the consequence of this is that the album lacks the raw urgency of their first effort.

All this seemed to come to an end with the final studio album ‘Resurrection’ which I have listened to although pretty much discarded. Perhaps this is an unfair judgement, but there is little doubt that the grittiness of the first two albums seemed to have gone. Still, they remain one of my most listened to groups of all time and it feels fitting that they kick off my journey into the blog ‘game’.

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