Who Got Da Props? DJ Sconeboy
December 7, 2006, 2:51 pm
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Nice to see a few comments coming. It really makes a difference when I see that people have taken the time to post their opinions and it drives me to keep writing, so good lookin’ out to those who have done so.

In my haste to write my piece about Buckwild yesterday I forgot to send shouts to my mate Rory who was the source of those beats (see comments posted). In reparation I’m posting a couple of his mixes today that are perfect examples of a local DJ who knows his way around the ones and twos and who also has a deep and varied record collection. It sounds horrendously arrogant but there are very few people who I interact with on a face-to-face basis that share my passion and interest in hip hop: Sconeboy is an exception.

These mixes are right up my alley, featuring classic boom bap cuts alongside a few UK joints that are blended together with taste and subtlety. So often when I listen to a DJ mix I find myself irritated by over the top turntablism that can often come across as self-indulgent and detracts from the selections made. Sconeboy steers clear of this temptation and lets the beats speak for themselves. ‘Mix One’ features cuts by Blackstar, De La and Craig Mack amongst others and ‘Mix Two’ begins sweetly with the Ahmad Jamal break featured on ‘The World Is Yours’ followed by the tune itself. Gotta feel that.

I’ll be posting a few more obscure albums over the next few days so keep me bookmarked and check in over the weekend.

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