Maintain The Party – Y’All So Stupid
January 24, 2007, 5:00 pm
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I have no idea how Yall So Stupid didn’t make more impact in ’92 than they actually did. I slept on this for a long time and was really happy to cop it a year or two back with the feeling that I had unearthed a little known gem. ‘Van Full Of Pakistans’ is fun, upbeat and light-hearted hip hop that is reminscent of early Pharcyde and similar artists of the era. I would also draw an analogy with the Native Tongues collective in that the album features intelligent lyricism and funky production to boot: a comparison that should demonstrate the high quality of this release to anyone who considers themselves to be a fan of real hip hop.

I actually know very little about the group as information on the internet is somewhat limited. Interestingly, the crew are from Atlanta: not exactly the most high profile city in the universe of hip hop (cue multiple comments to the contrary…) but the sound is east coast, early mid-school through and through. The beats are upbeat and funky, with crispy snares and jazzy loops, and the majority are produced by Spearhead X with Da King & I also making a couple of contributions. I’ve fallen into the pattern recently of picking out and commenting upon individual tunes but I’m going to resist the temptation to do so here as this really is an album best enjoyed in its entirety. The majority of the tracks are upbeat party tunes, but there are also a couple of slower cuts that feature more reflective and thoughtful lyricism (see ‘Family Tree’). In general the rapping is also excellent, with all four MCs possessing nice flows with original spins on the ‘boast and brag’ content that was dominant in the early ’90s.

I’m not sure how many of these cuts made it as 12”s, but Discogs seems to suggest that single releases from this album were limited. The only video available on YouTube is of the song that shares its name with the album itself, and it gives a feel for the crew that should leave you wanting more.

I believe that Yall So Stupid eventually mutated into Mass Influence (check the archives) but beyond that, I really don’t have a lot more knowledge of what became of the crew’s various members. As I said before, the fact that this is not more widely known is slightly bewildering, as it is highly entertaining and accessible for serious heads and more casual listeners alike. Still, as with so many albums found online in the blogging community, this has essentially been forgotten and is no longer in print. Do yourself a favour and cop it.

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