This Could Be Big – Pudgee The Phat Bastard
February 6, 2007, 5:44 pm
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Before starting today’s post I just wanted to give a quick shout to everybody who has been leaving comments recently. It it always highly satisfying to get some feedback on the work that I put into the blog and it has been particularly great recently with a debate or two kicking off (props to Alley Al for stoking the fire on the Large Pro post… not sure how well you came off mate!). In all seriousness though, it really is appreciated when people leave their thoughts and feelings on the albums and reviews, keep it up if you’re already on it or get involved if you ain’t there yet.

‘Give ‘Em The Finger’ was one of those albums that I felt genuinely excited about when I stumbled across it on Amazon. I can’t explain exactly what this hunch was based upon as I had never heard any of his music, but I just had a feeling that it would be dope. When I get this feeling it goes one of two ways: I’m either right and elated or I’m wrong and end up somewhat disappointed. I think that my response to this album falls into the second category despite the fact that this is a decent release that is well worth a listen.

Everything is in place if you’re feelin’ that mid ’90s vibe: boasts and brags, a shouty chorus here and there, big snares and some horn loops… there are also some highlights on here as well. ‘Checkin’ Out The Avenue’ has an almost Naughty By Nature feel about it and would work well in a club and both ‘This Is How We…’ (featuring a verse from Kool G Rap) and ‘How You Feel About That’ will get your head nodding. Much of the album’s production is handled by the Trakmasterz and I would be grateful to anyone who could fill me in on their full discography as the internet is a little sparse on detail apart from their more mainstream production for Will Smith, Mariah Carey and a few other bits and pieces.

Despite these standouts and a relatively consistent quality throughout (ignore the horrendously corny ‘Lady In My Life’), this is not an album I listen to particularly frequently and would argue that there is something a little bit lacklustre about ‘Give ‘Em The Finger’. Don’t get me wrong, this is a solid enough release but there is something about it that doesn’t quite do it for me. This also goes for some of the cuts he released later on in the ’90s that I felt also lacked that edge that makes something great as opposed to being just good. You may not feel the same: cop it and find out.

Request Alert!

I mentioned the shelved Freddie Foxxx LP in my Large Pro post as I feel that it is a another example of an industry oversight, particularly given his prominent position in the genre for over 15 years. The version I have of this is of a relatively poor quality with a hiss over all of the tunes. If you have a version of this that is of decent quality then please hit me with a link: I want to here ‘Can’t Break Away’ in all its glory as well as a couple of other choice cuts from the album. Thanks in advance…

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