Bomb With The Boom Bap – Prince Ali
March 10, 2007, 6:20 pm
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Just a quick heads up today rather than a full length post, and mad props go out to Kazeiro over at Rap Dungeon for putting me onto this. I would usually try to avoid posting something that I had seen elsewhere recently, but this is slightly different as this is another album that is being released for free on the internet, a growing trend that has seen some quality releases this year.

Prince Ali’s ‘I Miss 1994’ is one of the best records that I have heard this year, and as the title suggests, it harks back to days gone by in the rap game. All the information you need to know is on Prince Ali’s myspace page as well as the link to download the album. I have been heavily into this today, particularly the album opener that features one of the best beats that I have heard on any album that I have bought recently, new or old. The mellow guitar loop has had me reaching for the rewind button countless times today. Don’t sleep on this: grab it while you can.

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