Get Money! Q-Tip Beat Series V
November 16, 2007, 3:10 pm
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Nas – ‘The World Is Yours’ (Q-Tip Remix)
taken from The World Is Yours VLS (Columbia, 1994)

An uncharacteristically short post from me today party people.  I’m off to London in the very near future (i.e. the next ten minutes) and in truth, I’m not sure how much I have to say of genuine substance about Q-Tip’s momentous remix of ‘The World Is Yours’ beyond what you probably already know.  Remixing a track of such magnitude in its original form is a task in itself, and although Tip’s reinterpretation falls short of the Pete Rock version (but then, what wouldn’t?) it is still an excellent song that deserves a place in your digital crates.

The beat reminds me of Tip’s contributions to The Infamous, which makes sense given the fact that his work on Mobb Deep’s seminal LP would arrive only a year later.  All the hallmarks of those later productions are here, with melodic samples given a darker twist by way of heavy hitting snares.  Plenty of manipulations throughout keep the beat moving, and I’m particularly fond of the ‘lah, lah, lah’ vocals that creep into the composition during the chorus sections.  Nas’ lyrics feel remarkably at home as well, and to my mind this is the true triumph of the remix.  Despite being removed from their more familiar sonic backing, his expertly constructed rhymes sit comfortably over one of The Abstract’s darker beats and the end product feels beautifully homogeneous.

I wasn’t kidding when I said this was going to be brief: I’m outta here.

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