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December 2, 2007, 3:15 pm
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I was going to post up my latest interview over the weekend, but unfortunately I managed to leave the hard drive with the audio on it at work on Friday, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. That’s the breaks…

I do however want to extend an invitation out to anyone who might be interested in contributing to FDB, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. There’s no doubt that the blogging game can be time consuming, and with the site steadily growing over the last 11 months or so (birthday celebrations this week), I’m interested in offering a wider scope in terms of content and boosting the frequency of posting. Here’s a few guidelines suggesting what I’m after:

1. I’m really not that interested in being at the forefront of the scene in terms of up to date news: there are plenty of places on the net that already handle that side of things very well.

2. I need to feel that we’re going to be on the same page musically, so if I dislike the music that you propose to cover, I’m not going to ask you on board. The content should be roughly in line with what already goes on around these parts, so the latest Lil Wayne mixtape is out I’m afraid. Having said this, I really don’t want to be too restrictive, so if you have ideas that you think could work then I’m all ears.

3. The quality of writing has always been paramount for me here at FDB, so bear in mind that I’m looking for someone who is similarly obsessed with the written word and who actively enjoys the writing process.

Beyond that I want to leave it pretty open. If you’re up for getting involved then hit me up at my e-mail (daniel m love [at] yahoo dot com) telling me a little about yourself and proposing a few ideas for posts. Although you won’t be getting paid, I’d like to think that this humble little corner of the internet has built a decent rep for itself over the last year or so, and you will have the opportunity to converse with labels and artists with the added bonus of occasionally getting your hands on some exclusive music. Oh, and the opportunity to deal with me on a more personal level: if that’s not a great selling point, I don’t know what is. Let’s build people!

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