Slice of Soul – ‘Girl, Girl, Girl’
April 15, 2008, 4:36 pm
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Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson & Leon Ware – ‘Girl, Girl, Girl (Sonny & Virginia)’
taken from The Education of Sonny Carson OST (Paramount, 1974)

[Shouts to Beeboy at the Pete Rock forum for putting me onto this.]

My knowledge of the Blaxploitation era of film-making and the soundtracks that they spawned is painfully limited, and it’s only when I stumble across records such as Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson’s score for The Education of Sonny Carson that I realise how badly I need to step my game up in this field of musical history. According to my fam at the Pete Rock forum this is a very rare record, so props go out to Tony for posting it up in the first place (I got a feeling I’m going be digging around his archives for the foreseeable future).

The album itself is a wonderful collection of both instrumental and vocal tracks, and ‘Girl, Girl, Girl (Sonny & Virginia)’ is the song that instantly jumped out at me for this particular post as it features staggeringly beautiful arrangement by Perkinson and an equally impressive vocal performance by Leon Ware. It’s always satisfying when a little internet research starts to open up a new web of understanding to my knowledge of the era, and it turns out that Ware has worked with numerous high-profile artists such as Michael Jackson, Minnie Riperton and Quincy Jones. A foray into the depths of the internet is in order for both of the artists involved here: trust me, I’m on it.

In the meantime, enjoy. This is one of the most delectable slices of soul that I’ve come across in recent times, and as indicated above, I imagine that this won’t be the last time you hear about either Perkinson or Ware around these parts. Any specific recommendations for music or reference guides to Blaxploitation films in wider terms gratefully received: school me readers!


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