No Time To Talk, Listen To Ghost
April 17, 2008, 4:35 pm
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Ghost – ‘Basic Instinct’ & ‘Talk To Me’
taken from Seldom Seen Often Heard (Breakin Bread, 2006)

With the end of the holidays now in sight full-time employment looms once again. As such, I’m gonna be pretty busy over the next couple of days with work as well as having a short break away with the lady (gotta make the most of the holidays while they last, right?).

As a result of this I’m doing something I rarely do which is simply present you with a couple of songs that are back in heavy rotation around my way without saying a great deal about them. UK producer Ghost is easily one of the shining lights of the British scene and his debut LP Seldom Seen Often Heard is exceptional, permeated from front to back with a moody and captivating vibe that is intoxicating. Here are two of my favourite cuts for your listening pleasure, the more characteristically brooding ‘Basic Instinct’ supplemented by a dose of spring-infused fun in the shape of ‘Talk To Me’. Enjoy and cop the album if you haven’t already.

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