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June 26, 2008, 4:13 pm
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I’m relatively pushed for time this evening, so I’m falling back on the classic blogger’s quick fix by throwing up a couple of choice treats that landed in my inbox this week. I gotta say that for the most part I’m not really on top of things that people send me by e-mail, all too often feeling liking I’m being used for easy promotion by whoever is apparently ‘hot’ at the moment coupled with a general acceptance on my part that FDB is never going to be that go-to spot for up to date news and releases. However, the following is more than worthy of your attention and it means I feel like I’ve fulfilled one of my weekly posts without too much effort. Bonus!

Smeko – Arsenal For The Streets Vol. II

Hailing from France, DJ Smeko’s Arsenal For The Streets Vol. II is proof positive that when it comes to turntablism the boys from the continent continue to be on top of their game. A tightly constructed 50 minute mix, this is worthy of your attention for two key reasons: tight skills and juicy blends. Featuring beats and acapellas from some of the ’90s most respected underground players, it’s the transitions that work particularly well here, with various beats and verses melting into each other as the mix progresses. Don’t sleep, this is what a decent hip hop mix should be all about.


1- Intro
2- Evil Twinz – ‘Evil Twinz Glocks’
3- XPerado feat OC – ‘Watch Ya Step’ (Blend)
4- J Zone – ‘No Consequences’
5- Attack – ‘Stikken Mov’
6- Ruthless B*stards – ‘Murder We Wrote’
7- Bahamadia – ‘Uknowhowedo’ (Blend)
8- Busta Rythmes – ‘Woo Haa’ (Blend)
9- Big L – ‘Put It On’ (Blend)
10- C Rayz Walz – ‘Whodaf*Kareyou’
11- Big Shug – ‘The Way It Iz’ (’96 Blend)
12- One Be Lo – ‘Rocketship’ (Blend)
13- Mike Zoot – ‘Chess Bumpin’
14- Krs One Feat Channel Live – ‘Free Mumia’ (Blend)
15- Masta Ace -’Always’

East Flatbush Project- ‘A Day In The Life’ (10/30 Uproar, 2008)

It was good to hear from Spencer Bellamy recently via MySpace who had some new material to share from his upcoming EP entitled First Born. ‘A Day In The Life’ features rhymes from Stress and guitar work by Peter Pallis of Brooklyn-based metal band Anaka. On first listen I wasn’t particularly taken, but after a few rotations the beat started to grow on me and it definitely represents a progression from a producer who still lives in the shadow of the undisputed classic ‘Tried By 12′. See what you think and don’t forget to peep my interview with Spencer in the archives.

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