Random holiday Reflections
June 2, 2008, 4:22 pm
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Despite rarely writing about anything other than that good old hippity hop, after a week in Florida and whilst suffering from jet lag I’m not really able to focus my thoughts back towards music just yet. Here are a few things that struck me during my time in the sunshine state:

1. Florida is unbelievably flat, which would be perfect for cycling if everything wasn’t so amazingly spread out. No wonder there are more than a few people kicking about with excess flab. Don’t imagine those $5 all you can eat buffets do much to help either.

2. No matter how old I get, I don’t think I will ever be able to stop myself from being absorbed by the wonderful corporate magic that is Disney and Universal Studios. Consume and enjoy!

3. Having time off from both music and the internet is no bad thing, and realistically what did I miss? As I usually spend two or three hours a day on the net I was surprised that after three whole days all that had happened was a few comments (thank you) and a couple of interesting e-mails. Other than that, it made me realise that I need to seriously trim my time in front of a screen. Amazingly, there are actually other things to do.

4. American mainstream sneaker outlets suck. Hard. In my local Foot Locker in Bristol there are at least four or five desirable pairs knocking about, not least the reissued Air Max Bursts, and JD Sports continues to kill ‘em with tons of exclusive Air Maxes. The best thing I came across was some cheap Lights in an outlet store, but other than that it seems you’ve gotta be close to some bonafide boutiques or in a major city to shell out for anything truly worth copping.

5. Beautiful beach + warm weather = guaranteed good time.

6. Americans are spolit for choice when it comes to excellent coverage of sporting events. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the two NBA Conference finals and the spelling bee wasn’t bad either. Bring me ESPN!

7. The chances of getting a decent quality lager on tap in the States are slim to none. What’s up with all that light/lite beer?

8. The food, however, is exceptional. Grilled lobster, shrimp, steak and scallops? I could murder that goodness all day, everyday. Again, no surprises hidden underneath those larger than life waistlines.

9. ‘Luchini’ sounds best whilst coming in to land on a 747.

10. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like good quality family time. Watching my Dad eat food designed to be eaten by hand will never cease to amuse me, and neither will hitting him with a cheeky wet willy(that last one was the best Tim). One for the family annals Mum: thanks again.

Normal service will resume when my body starts to believe I’m in the right timezone. Given that I’m back at work, I’m hoping that won’t be too far away as teaching children whilst bleary-eyed doesn’t quite work out. Deconstructions and a couple of interviews to follow shortly: nice to be back.

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