Genuine Excitement – Q-Tip’s Still Got It
November 9, 2008, 6:33 pm
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Q-Tip – ‘Gettin’ Up’
taken from The Renaissance (Universal/Motown, TBC)

OK, so I know I’m never really on top of the ‘news’, but I guess that’s because for the most part I’m rarely excited by it. So what’s-his-face is dropping a new mixtape? The hottest thing this year?! Gimme a break.

However, the recently leaked single from Q-Tip has me seriously amped for his upcoming release entitled The Renaissance. The beat’s killer and Tip can unsurprisingly still out-rhyme pretty much any rapper on the current scene: bring on November 4th. If it all sounds like this (please, please, please say it does) then we’re talking album of the year status. Although I guess in 2008 that ain’t saying a great deal…

Don’t hold your breath though. If the album drops before 2009 has already started then I’ll happily chow down on my virtual headwear.

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