It’s The Links Baby
January 25, 2009, 3:53 pm
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I am fully aware that ‘09 is yet to kick into beat deconstruction mode, but I continue to be overwhelmingly snowed under by work.  What do you do as a flagging blogger when you don’t have time to produce something decent? Point your readers in the direction of people who have been.

Jeff drops one of the most hilarious posts I’ve ever seen on the interwebs in celebration of a new President. Go Obama!

In general, Bust the Facts has had loads of uploads on the go of late so if you’ve not paid them a visit in a while then I suggest you do so. Now.

Joey hips us all to what looks to be a very exciting project that makes me continue to yearn for an extended stint in NYC.

I wish I was as cool as Jay Smooth.

Zilla reminds us that there are treats to uncover on the first J Rawls LP.

Metal Lungies has the lowdown on one of many great Large Pro remixes.

Nice Kicks has a video of Kanye talking about his new kicks and renaming himself MLK Jr. And you thought the ego had already landed.

O Dub dropped this jewel on us a week or so ago.

Trav wraps things up for ‘08.

And for the kicks fiends, there are these to look forward to.

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