New Pete Rock Ish – Tearz!
January 27, 2009, 3:52 pm
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Earatik Statik – ‘Tearz!’
taken from The Good, The Bad, The Earatik (?, 2009)

Although I was willing to give Pete some leniancy in terms of my appreciation for NY’s Finest, there’s no doubt that this particular Chocolate Boy Wonder fan was ultimately a little disappointed by last year’s full length offering.  As such it’s good to hear Pete back on form with this leaked track from the upcoming Earatik Statik LP which will supposedly also feature beats from Large Pro and J-Zone as well. Tasty little line-up by anyone’s standards.

Admittedly this isn’t mind-blowing, but in slightly barren times for committed Soul Brother worshippers I’m happy to embrace it. You should too.

via The Full Clip

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